Friday, February 24, 2012

Photoshoot Experiment

Got an interesting stuff and went testing lighting setup :3 .......

My dad bought these mini portable led emergency lamp that cost only RM2 each lol.. gave 2 to me for my car and home.. after looking into it I got this idea that might be useful for photoshoot lighting setup.. this thing got 6 mini led (3mm?) that is pretty bright.. also got red and blue blinking mode for emergency I guess.. ^^

Took some testing with Kiwami Damashii Kamen Rider Blade-san, my camera still with my dad still, so I'm using my Xperia Mini Pro phone camera instead.. please bear with a bit low and blur quality ^^;;..

 This setting I just put the Blade-san in between the LEDs in a straight line.. schematic drawing below

and this one I made a reverse V setup... shcematic drawing below.. 

lastly using reverse V setup also.. but the right LED in red-blue blinking mode lol

 I think I like the reverse V setup more than the straight line setup.. the straight line setup is good, I like it too.. but its just look a bit too much light on it, maybe coz I put it too near, not sure this is the proper one but yeah.. might use these for my future photoshoot.. also need black backdrop!

I went ahead and took some pic of my gunplas and sabers using these setup.. embrace the pic spam!


Sometimes the LEDs is too bright for some figures and gunplas.. I resolve it by positioning the LEDs away from the subjects or added a tissue filter over the LEDs which kinda works too.. I try to experiment a lil bit more like adding a third lighting source (the table lamp) and see how it goes lol.. note that I didnt use the room lighting for these, so yeah.. the LEDs is bright..

Thats it for the Photoshoot experiment.. more post is coming.. currently in draft backlogs lol.. too many post to make and too little time haha..



Now that's an interesting use of emergency lights.

Also, your pictures comes out just fine. I'm not complaining. =)

 Its just pop up in my head lol.. interesting indeed ^^

Thanks.. maybe coz I view this on my LED TV ^^;;

Think still a bit too bright for some of the pictures. But still interesting way of lighting ^^ 

It's all good, but what you may need is, a White backdrop, get some A4 papers and paste them up to them back walls, the light will bounce back to all direction, giving you a more clear view of the surrounding.

 yeah.. it needs some diffuse filters~~ XD.. 

 yeah.. before using this I used the table lamp and some white sheets for the reflector.. I guess I forgot on this one ^^;;.. I prefer the black backdrop tho.. I got marble sheets for backdrop but I forgot where I put it >_<;;

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