Sunday, March 11, 2012

March 2012 Loots

There goes my backlogs~~ >_<;;; ......

A rather sudden loot btw.. was helping 2 of my friends buying their first plamo kits after a while deciding with one they gonna start with..

 1 of my friend choose to build SD Sinanju for his first build.. its a good choice, I highly recommended him haha..

And the other my friend goes with rather unexpected new release, One Piece Grand Ship Plamo kits - Thousand Sunny... which is pretty cool one.. also made by Bandai... kinda nice kit..

While helping my friend buy some plamos, I bought some HGs for myself lol.. more backlog piling >_<;;;...

Its HG Gundam AGE-2 Normal and HG Zeydra... HG Gundam AGE-2 Normal is a must since its a protagonist MS, and HG Zeydra for ZD's newest groupbuild that will commerce soon ^^..

I was going to get the other 2 wears for AGE-1, Titus and Spallow and both G-Exes and G-Bouncer along with Dorado.. skipped 1st gen UE (Vagan now) MS since 2nd looks a bit better to me lol.. will get those soon after May or perhaps when my backlogs lessen ^^

Helped my friend build Thousand Sunny plamo last night and completed.. not doing anything fancy other than snapfit and applying stickers.. its pretty decent kit with lots of stickers.. and its pretty detailed despite its smaller scale.. will post WIP and review of it soon here ^^

On some my gunpla's WIPs.. SOON lol...

Thats all for now



The HG Age-2, good kit. You'll never regret with this choi...
>>HG AGE Zeydra
ONORE~! You got him early! :<

Still... I wonder, how many backlogs left. XD

while getting AGE-2 why not grab Zeydra too, thats what I'm thinking that time lolz
haha >_< lost count already lolz

Hehe like what BD said age 2 is really a good grab...and as for Zeydra.

Bandai shut up and take my money!!!

Everyone's jumping on the Zeydra bandwagon lol

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