Monday, April 11, 2011

V3 is here

Total Layout Overhaul~~ XD....

Finally! after thinking about 2 months and ninja redesign/modified the base template.. blog layout version 3 is now live!~ although theres more to be edited and modified but it just minor stuffs. Most of the stuffs is working and some of them need to be fixed.. like the linkwithin thinggy..

with Version 2, I have received a lot of comments and critics about the slideshow.. first I thought going to completely remove it... but I thought just make it a lil bit small and see how it goes.. theres only 2 featured post that I included in the slide show.. one is the ReZEL Plus post and another one is this post.. I will update more sooner or later if I have some free time lol..

There's one more thing that I've been considering... its about chatbox... recently theres so many spam flooding in there and I just thought gonna remove it for goods but I dunno what you guys think.. ^^;;

I will add more links like Reviews, Gallery, Grouping post like WISP and stuffs.. I might do image links on the sidebars and some items

So thats all for now.. tell me what you guys think about this new blog layout XD



looks nice :D and loads faster than V2 ^^ as for cbox, just put more effort to clean the spams, i know they are annoying, but cbox is quite good to interact with readers (a bit tiring to clean spams ^^;;)

Thanks ^^ its 3 times faster than v2 now lolol
I'll try to do that :D thanks for the comment ^^

Yea.... It's not as lag as before lols.

Finally, I no need to waste another cup of coffee while waiting for it to load like before. XD

And yes, its much more simpler and faster too.

haha lol.. thanks ^^.. love the dark color XD

looks nice to me.
Dark color seems good to eyes because it won't wear them

yeah.. not straining too much for the eyes :D

agree, not that lag anymore.
Whats wrong with everyone recently, khaidir, and now you, all changing templates

Only that my template cant take Disqus comment system > had bugs, where both blogger and disqus comment boxes pop out, and i cant get rid of the blogger one. So, that upgrade is being cancelled for my case.

lol... it started with redmage ( then me, after that marzz then khaidir.. lolz.. I think its blog templates changing season XD

ah.. I think it has to do with templates. hm.. luckily this new template can intergrate with Disqus without any bugs or errors ^^

Haha, my current template is already Ver.3. No plans on changing further, wanna keep my template simple but attractive. Changes = lots of work...

yeah true.. I work this template whole night, photoshoping and modding some codes, edit template width, change links and stuffs ^^;;

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