Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April Loot :D

One of them is not mine lolz......

Its been a while since my last loot ^^;;.. Altho this loot is minor one, major one is in the end of this month :D

"Wait.. HGUC Sinanju? did you already have one?" is what probably you guys thinking.. well.. its not mine.. this Sinanju is for Zoidiect! XD as he requested for his reward on helping me build HGUC ReZEL Plus commision work.. thanks Zoidiect :D.. I will send this guy tomorrow ^^

This HGUC Geara Zulu Guard Type is for 2nd Gunpla Commission Project that I will announce later on.. Officially on this blog :D

Last one is Bandai Action Base 3!!! Finally got this XD gonna review this later on :D love the base.. pretty big :D

As usual bought it from shipped 11 April ago and arrived at Kuala Lumpur 18 April, Sasuga Amiami SAL only 1 week! XD.. altho my local post delay 2 days to send it to my home ^^;;..

Total of this purchase is 5,634 yen including Shipping.. the Shipping is SAL Registered which is cost 1,770 yen, so the item is cost 3,864 yen.. if breakdown the price between each item.. Sinanju is 1,904 yen (2600 yen normal), Geara Zulu Guard Type 1,460 yen (2,000 yen normal) and Action Base 3 500 yen (650 normal)..

Thats all for now... more post coming~~



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