Monday, August 23, 2010

00 Quanta Full Saber

Finally I've been poisoned... Instantly
You read it right... I'm KO-ed XD.. after saw this at NK... I had to get this add-on! I dont care if its just Bandai's 'keikaku' to milks 00 Gundam kits and stuffs in the future... I'm going to get this no matter what nyahahaha!!!

This GN Sword IV is just awesome... plus its got 3 Extra swords or dagger!!!! ... and when this thing attached to 00 Quanta.. its look very nice!! even tho its doesnt symetrical like 00 Gundam.. but I like this! This add-on makes me gonna buy 00 Quanta kit..... and I have some idea what going to do this this guy.. nyeheheheh

so... I'm going to look/search where I can buy the Hobby Japan February 2011 Limited Issue that come with this add-on.. hm.. If anyone can help me getting it... I would be appreciate it :D..

for some thought on other news...

PG Strike Freedom - I'm not really into SEED series.. and I thought it would be PG Unicorn.. well.. 'meh'

RD 00 Raiser Condenser Type - Didnt really expect there would be RD version of this! another 'meh'

HG 1/144 Gundam Harute - GN PINCER CLAW SWORD BACK!!!! awesome!!!

[Kotobukiya] 1/10 Rockman - I want Rockman X version T_T

SIC Kiwami Damashi Kamen Rider Blade King - WANT!

and many more.. that can be seen at Ngee Khiong

Soon.. new loots will arrive.. along with some supplies for my Jinx and the new Dark Saber resin kit... :D

Sore ja.. matta ne~

P/s : Also.. im getting this coz it got name Saber in it .. Nyahahahahahahahah

Image taken from NK


Surprising news for the PG.... Not really that interested in it.
As for the 00 Qan[T] full saber..... I dunno.... Maybe if i can find one at a good price....

DAT Qan[T]... DAT SWORD... Hhhhhnngh~! >_<
Setsuna (HG00): Jiiiiiii~

Oh dear...

yeap.. same here ^^;;

ooo.. if u found one.. inform me :D

LOL.. I just noticed... with that GN Sword IV... its Seven Sword all over again!!! 4 from GN Sword IV + GN Sword V + 2 from the Shield D:


LOL PG Strike Freedom will be my first PG... Have been waiting for it for years... On this 00Q, i already knew something was not right with 00Q earlier. My skepticism on a second possible binder confirmed, though a different one... >.<

not interested in OO Q[ant] but this new sword looks nice maybe can be attached to another kit :)

i will still wait for the movie. if the plain OOQ is in the movie until the end of the movie, that's is what im going to mod~~~

Ooo very nice! I dunno what Gundam is going to be my first PG.. since Im not really into Seed (Design/Story wise).. I guess gonna skip PG SF, If Bandai making PG Exia or PG Quanta that less sux than PG 00 Raiser.. I might buy it LOL.. me too.. I knew there will be something on this kit rather than the normal (or should I say plain :P) 00 Quanta.. Was going to wait till Movie airs and see if theres any upgrade on 00 Quanta that Bandai going to milks XD, but GN Sword IV is really tempting and succesfully poisoned me.. So I dont really care now.. I want this!

hehe.. maybe it can attached to another kit :D

hehe.. Me too.. well.. its not hurt to buy one after the movie when Bandai's release another Quanta with GNHW or upgrade or w/e.. since Im going to Mod this one anyways.. :D...

Heck.. I even got 2 00 Gundam lolol

Bandai did release something along the chogokin lines that I am really tempted lol....gunpla is losing is grip on me!!!

PG strike freedom? Thats really okay....

Some how seed is way pass its time.....if they reissued SF under the HGUC line I might consider that instead!

lol poisoned!!

yeah.. kinda bit meh there

XD as Zoidiect said would be HGCE SF ^^;;

XD Luckily I'm not addicted to Gundam OO. *safe!*

I'll look around and see if I can get the magazine. Freebies <3. Somehow I wish they will release Rockman X and Zero too!


Thanks.. gotta find more source tho.. since its a limited issue ^^;; hehe yeah... I like those 2 Mavericks hunter :D

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