Thursday, June 10, 2010

First June Loot - Black and Blue

Again had to give Jinx another rest lol... Slowly doing him, not much of progress tho

Anyway... Got this baby today after yesterday bought it over the internet (lowyat forum) its one of my 2010 wishlist finally got granted lol XD


Thermaltake V3 Black Edition

The box is kinda big... and its full color! sasuga Thermaltake ^^... Bought this about RM145 including shipping and its worth every ringgit XD

This is not your ordinary cpu casing... Its a cheapest gaming casing that give lots of features that expensive gaming casing has :D...

Love the gloss finish on the front ^^ along with the mesh panel and stuffs :D

There also got clear window on the side.. altho its just small.. but its really nice addition :D

The Thermaltake logo is just pretty *_*

Yay for Black internal frame!!! love it alot... more cool than ur standard silver metal-ish frame lol... also the PSU is at bottom! u cant find this anywhere for this price range except this one! really nice I like it

Altho its only provided only one unit of 120mm fan, this is a clear fan with blue led, i think its good than nothing at all :P

Last step after removing all the stuffs for migration :D

Standby on the bed waiting turns for moving into new house ^^

After a while only left one item to be plugged - DVD Writer IDE Cable lol :D, so far i guess its looking good... I bypass all the wire to the back of the other side to give more room for air... made the SATA cable spiral for more cable management :D.. Im waiting for some sleeving kits that I bought then going to sleeve the whole cable things lol ^^

Done and turn it on... aand... ITS ALIVE!! lol

Took a lil peek inside~~

another one~ *_*

Ouoh mabushi!~~ I really like the blue light :D

Last pic on the front :D nice~~

Planning to buy some 120mm fans and put it inside for more air flow in the casing... the front and bottom can put 1 for intake and top x1 for exhaust... XD

Thats all for the loot today... expected for moar loots in near future June lol... 3 moar to go nyeheheh

sore ja... matta ne~


Thermaltake, eh? Niiiiice.
That single 120mm exhaust fan with blue LED, just like mine (a Huntkey casing) XD

Ooo! Looks high end and expensive xD Love the blue light coming out from the side window. Pretty sweet looking ^^ know what? your way on explaining the casing is like.......reviewing Gunpla lolololololol with gloss finish, black frame, mesh, panels XD

Lol....any articulation mods man haha!!

Seriously, at first I thought you are mentioning about that nendo black rock shooter...she is after all black blue :D

Yeah.. its really nice~~~ :D
Ohh... I got Hunkey Power supply lol

Yeah.. thats what this casing so special... its cheap yet looks high end and expensive XD... yeah.. its cool :P

It hard to guess that a blue and black is a computer XD

But nice the fan is clear part XD can see the blue led through.

Haha... I guess so XD

yeah.. its really nice.. gonna find some of them and lit my casing up haha

Hm, looks great and its priced very reasonably also. O.O
I should consider this casing in the future. Where did ya bought it from (link)?
Very nice get there tsuki. Me approves of the blue LEDs. XD

Thanks.. its really worth it XD
get get get :P.. I bought it from Lowyat forumer.. here the link
reliable seller.. been deals with him couples of times ^^ I also bought my new Gfx card from him :D
yeah.. blue LEDs is nice... im looking for new one with Green LED.. GN DRIVE LOL

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