Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Sayonara Streamyx, Yokoso! P1 Wimax!

Ossu! Its been a while since last post ^^;;

Alot happened these past few weeks,

first... my paints shipping got some delay, so I guess will got it early this month (September)

Second... A lil bit progress on my HG 00 Raiser DC, will post WIP soon enough

Third... the Nightmare ~_~ my Streamyx refuse to make connection!
I dunno whats the problem, called their customer service, they said my modem problem, but I changed it 3 times... with 3 different modem/brand! still the same -_-, it just wont connect.. I suspect the line.. but they said the line just fine.. I ask them to come and check.. but now they still not coming! ARRGGH!!.. I feel like ***** =_=, its been a week I dont have internet.. and I have fedup with it...

Today.. i go to Giant.. go to this computer outlet.... sign up P1 Wimax... go back to home.. plug in the modem.. wait 1 hour.. turn on... connect lan to my pc.. and WALLA! INTERNET!!!

So yeah.. now I'm officialy free from Streamyx after about 8 years subscribing ^^;;
this new internet.. im loving it so far.. sharing with like 5 other PC, still got stable connection ^^..
I pick Office Standard package... with unlimited Fair Usage Policy.. you now... Im kinda download guy lol *cough* anime *cough*

Anyway... I'm off for now since its midnight... tomorow work ^^;;; so see u guys in my next post ^^

Jya ne


oh my, how i wish my area has such services. i am also stuck with "incapable" streamyx for many years. last time i used a D-link modem but it keep on unable to connect. then i switch to tmnet's "official" modem and now its working except that sometimes it may auto disconnect. my other friends however, do not face this problem.

try bakemonogatari, a new anime this season. quite interesting. btw it is not a mecha anime

hehe.. i used D-Link modem too.. changed like 3 modem still same.. Syslink, 3com, and Aztech brand.. i tried the official too.. still wont connect.. <_<

ah.. Bakemonogatari.. the anime quite nice.. animation also kinda unique.. thanks to SHAFT.. they always using different style appart from other animation studio.. me likey ^^ I think i need to update my anime list lol..

going to finish up 00 Raiser DC WIP, 10 days past already lol.. too BZ with work and stuffs, my dad's friend borrow my camera so need wait to him to give back lol..

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