Tuesday, August 18, 2009

WIP HG 00 Raiser DC - Body and Arm

Its been a while since my last post ^^;; like 2 weeks now.. lol. These few weeks im so busy with work's OT and some stuffs. So much work I only can comment and take a few look at our 'namaka' gunpla blogs ^^;; lol.

Maybe soon after all works stuffs are finally done (hopefully), I can find more time on gunplaing :P

So far im done with the Body and Arm part, still alot need to work on this 2 part (coloring some parts according to manual pics and seams line)

Body Part :D

Arm part ^^

Putting together

Just one particular thing that i didnt expect to be.. the hand joint is kinda loose D:
Watch this vid T_T

I dunno :(
maybe I assembled it wrong ^^;; gonna check it again before I go to next phase for this 2 parts

Next WIP will be coloring on these 2 parts, going to color some area according to the images in the manual...

Mission KAISHI!


do you paint your gundam? teach me.. i am new in this..

this is my link to my gundam http://eleventx.blogspot.com/2009/09/exia-dynames-gundam.html

hi there~ yes i do paint my gundams but according to manual images (the pose one), im also still new ^^ need lots to learn too ^^, ill check out ur blog ^^

u also can look up some paint technique from NgeeKhiong (u can see the link in my blogrolls) and do some google search too ^^

good luck ^^

i have known alot of hg that has loose hand joint. especially the seed series hg

@00 hater, I see, I havent got any Seed HG (appart from accidently bought bootleg Strike Noir lol), I started sucked into gunpla when Gundam 00 started to air ... but ive been Mecha fans for a long time tho.. just evolved moar into plamo ^^, I like to get MG Turn A and RX178 Titans tho.. but seems more ppl wants me to get MG Sword Impuls ^^;;

Actually the loose part i was assembled it wrongly, swapped the pc part around lol, noticed that i put together at wrong position or something.. now the hand are not loose anymore ^^

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