Thursday, September 17, 2009

Finally its HERE!! and some WIP update ^^;;

Its been a while lol, near 3 weeks since last post haha..

YES!! FINALLY ITS HERE!!! no.. unfortunately its not my MG Exia lol.. Its my new Air Brush!!

Middle click mouse wheel to view larger image in new tab

Well... its not some expensive one tho.. the price is like average 1/100 NG Gunpla :D, still I think this one is nice piece of stuff ^^

The brand is Motool - some china brand ^^;; Model HD-130 0.3mm

Some pic -



*Ouoh Mabushi desu!*

also some other stuff I bought along with the airbrush

Surfacer 500/1200, Lacquer thinner and some paints :D

Gonna test it soon.. bout the compressor.. I better not tell.... if I tell.. u guys going laugh at me lol

Since ive gotten back my camera from my dad's friend... WIP HG 00 Raiser DC tiny updates ^^;;

I handbrushed the clear parts with clear green (kinda) from gaianotes lacquer paint,

I like the result! :D

its not really clear green tho.. the paint said Primary Color Green hm.. my supplier(seller) run out of stock on Tamiya Acrylic Clear color.. so i get this one instead.. its kinda clear color, but I have to add a lil bit more thinner ^^;;


Oh crap.. looks like i missed to color the GN Condenser at the head XD

Ive done build overall 00 Gundam except for his weapons and 0 raiser, will do it later I guess, some painting still havent done. Not going to have some pose untill i finish build the blades and stuffs

got suggestion either should I paint the parts with airbrush or just handbrush? I dunno.. lol still thinking :P

My MG Exia will arrive at my door after Raya unfortunately lol, this weekend going to bz with Raya preparation and stuffs, so Im going to be away for a moment..

Oh.. before I forgot.. going to take this opportunities to say 'Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri' to fellow Muslims all over the world ^^


nice stuff *_*
I'm wait for the clear green and black acrilic tamiya for the eye part of mg exia but if I have an air brush probably I redesign the colour of the model ç_ç

thanks ^^

yeah.. the reason im getting airbrush coz

1 - gonna paints and add details for some of my HGs, making my own Version lol

2 - my handbrush skill sux lol

if u think u wanna start air brush.. I think just do it.. i bought the air brush alone is RM85 altho is china brand... i think worth try, right?

I bought complete set RM 250, complete with 6 paints (white,blue,red,yellow,flat, and black), thinner, surfacer and more) go to this site for more info

Haha, and I really was going to ask about the compressor... never mind, can always use bicycle pump.

ah crap... forgot the site got the pic lolz

i tested the compressor, work fine I guess.. the pressure not that high but for air brushing gunpla I think its good >_<;;

thx tsuki but I'm from italy and I think if buy it from the china when is here the tax cost me the double of the airbrush T_T

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