Sunday, June 21, 2009

New MG Exia Pose and features images

new images of MG Exia has been revealed with some awesome pose and new features that we have not seen before XD, love it~

Basic pose on MG Exia Normal version (notice the non-plated sword) and we see the socket of the GN-Drive on back of the MG Exia ^_^

Close up on the back of the MG Exia

some action pose, i like the second action most.. last one look kinda weird angle ^_^;;

the inner frame looks okay to me

Bird shooting while flying pose? :)

chest part, altho i like to see that shot being the cockpit opened ^_^;; also some features, transparent cable and double clear parts? :3

Accessories and Seven Sword package ^_^, love the way the sword being seperated part :D

Finally the last pose for new MG Exia images, love it...

I think i have getting to like Normal version than the Ignition Mode version.. hm... oh well.. ive already pre-ordered the Ignition Mode haha... after seeing the new images, it look better than the first impression that we saw couple of weeks ago, now i cant wait anymore to man-handle this quite fine MG huhu.. tho i got a bunch of MGs yet to be build.. uguuu

All images are from NgeeKhiong and Happinet online


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