Monday, June 22, 2009


Okay, this is it, this post was suppose to be debut post for my newly established blog XD, but instead i post bout the new MG Exia images.. huhu... so.. whats this blog all about?

Well.. this blog consist 3 things.. its my personal blog (a place that i can rant... tho i rarely do >_<), anime blog (anime eps review perhaps, merchandise, figures, anime related), and Gundam blog (any sort, be it news, gunplas, etc as long its Gundam..) all mashed up together lolz..

Its has been since 2004 that I've been addicted with anime, has watched tons of anime. I might missed some, classic one. I dont have spesific genre that i like, I watched all genre, I think I'm slightly more on Mecha/Sci-Fi genre... :P. Has been involved in Fansubbing world quite a while.. then retired >_<. Favorite anime is Fate/Stay Night, Shakugan no Shana, Eureka 7, Lucky Star, Haruhi Suzumiya no Yuutsu, and many more..

Before I watch Gundam anime, I watch some other mecha anime like Kiddy Grade, FMP!, Zoids Series, Escaflowne, Gun X Sword, Eureka 7, some Macross series, RahXephon, Zegapain, Code Geass and more ^^;;. First Gundam anime that i watched is Gundam V >_<. Then Turn-A Gundam, after that Gundam 08th MS Team and some more, and latest one is none other Gundam 00.

its been near a year after Gundam 00 aired... that time i was sucked into Gunpla world XD. with latest technology the Gunpla is better than the old times, i love the current Gunpla quality right now.. hehe.. My first HG is Cherudim Gundam.. still new in this hobby and im starting getting deeper with this hobby lol.. Bought some other HGs of Gundam 00 lines (mostly 2nd season) planing to get all tho.. and my first MG is Gundam Wing ver Ka (still building, lots of tiny parts to assemble haha) and bought along MG Unicorn Gundam ver Ka (havent touch it yet >_<). Been following some tutorial and practicing with tools.. I might soon going to more deeper (painting, mods and weathering) hehe wish me luck there XD

So there it is, some sort of my journey in this stuffs :P, sorry if its a lil bit tsumaranai (boring) lol >_<.
Im not that good in English since its not my primary language, still learning :P

I will be sure to blog as much as i can, either on anime stuffs, or gundam stuffs, or just random rants.. hehe

Well then, until next post.. jya nee~


Well, rants and personal thoughts (and maybe reviews) are fine but don't you think you have been posting too many similar things with Ngee Khiong? It looks more like taking things from others' blog.
I prefer if you can make your blog unique.XD

yeah.. i think i overdid it >_<, some i took from Ngeekhiong, some i found it on some forum that i surf often (eg. ToysDaily and Toy World forum)

Next time ill took account what i need to post and stuffs... maybe ill just linking to blog that already has the new before me like NgeeKhiong.. and just stated my opinion etc... im still waiting for my digital camera (been tough time to choose which one to buy) to take for my gunpla wip >_<.

Thanks for ur comment and notice ^^ Ill appreciate it :D

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