Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More Features of MG Exia Revealed

YESS!!! i love it... simply the best MG so far! just take a look on these awesome features and never seen before!! IKUZE!!

New material parts using resin-treated clear hologram, u can see the inner frame behind it.. NICE!

New Feature for the feet, now u can move the toe!!! XD

GN Sword holder at the waist can be open and closed, yay.. no more part swapping :P

GN Beamsaber holder can be moveable :3, nice one~

the Shield can be expand making defense area wider :3 - quite nice feature~

GN Condenser will be 2 separate clear part to produce realistic onscreen text effect ^^

inner frame joint can be slide out, exposed more articulation complex and more posing abilities, awesome!

As usual for MG line.. there will be small figure included with Haro!

GN Drive can be removed, included GN Drive cap to close the socket when GN-Drive removed and GN-Drive Handler ^^

GN Sword, 2 mode - Rifle mode and Sword mode. Rifle mode can be lifted when not using :D

Decals for MG Exia - i found it nice, with minimal cover and stuffs.. the detail also okay.. i see the different between NG and this one ^^

now the BEST Part!! Lean forward and backward feature XD, now u can move the shoulder up even more than before!! nice articulation improvment there!, and the ALL NEW pelvis joint design, swing upward and downward also front skirt joint has been improved too!! AWESOME!

Regarding on MG Gundam Exia Ignition Mode - the page has yet to be updated ... it think it will show up soon or later ^^;;

I cant wait it anymore!! the more im looking at this.. the more im become agitated >_<;;; ill just go headbangs a bit :P


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