Sunday, April 14, 2013

HGUC 1/144 AMX-107HM Hybrid Murasaki Bawoo

A blog revival post, finally..
Hi guys.. Its been like almost 5 months since my last post lol... so many months havent update this blog >_<;; .. lots of things happened and theres so much things to share but always forgot.. since I always on Facebook.. kinda forgot to update and share what I have been doing, what I have found, and what I've been interest in lately.. haha... and I thought this post might can be the point of revival post for my long not updated blog lol.. I will remind myself to post often here and share stuffs that I usually do in the past ^^;;

Okay, what this post is all about?
in past few months I have joined a Group Build in Facebook Group called 'Scale Modeler's League' and will be doing a Monoeye category Group Build.. so I pick one a HGUC Zeon kit and AMX-107 Bawoo is my choice... the Kit is pretty old (2001) and I like the design since it reminds me of Zeta Gundam in some sort...

Like always.. I did a re-paint job and pretty satisfied with it.. I try a new paint pattern that I kinda interested called Hybrid Pattern.. It based on 2 different tone with random shapes and stripes along with it and the design is not symetrical.. I did a purple on light purple color scheme which is turn out to be pretty good..

So here it is..
HGUC 1/144 AMX-107HM Hybrid Murasaki Bawoo


Here some of the WIP pics that I took, not much since I always forgot to take pic.. just remember to take some if want to post in Facebook >_<;;


Although I'm late submit this build to the GB but really satisfied it, and I'm glad I didnt take shortcut just to finish this ontime ^^;;... I have submit this build to Japanese modeling website 'Modelers-G' here, check it out and dont forget to vote haha

Thats all for now... There will be more post coming, I just need to re-arrange since theres are in draft.. haha... next will be Jesta for airbrushing phase.. this guy been on-hold like ages >_<;; need to finish him then can continue on MG Kampfer.. lots of fixing to do still ^^;;



Sorry for the long post with image spams >_<

Not exactly a post about the Bawoo (sorry - though I do like it now that I've seen it) but you are the one who created the GP Base font, yes? If so, thank you! I've been wanting to do up a GP Base properly and the fact that I didn't have the proper font for it was starting to frustrate me. I was starting to think I'd have to create my own, but lucky me, now I don't have to. :)

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