Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Current State of Working Projects

Za works in slow progress...

As the title said.. the post that I've been longing to post, and listing the current states of tons project that I'm still doing... the Current State of my many working projects, WISP stuffs and backlogs...

After finish recent build the HGUC Bawoo.. which is a bit sudden, due to want to actually finish a kit for a Group Build that I've joined.. although I joined before.. but I never really complete it which still need a bit adjustment overtime (HGUC Sinanju) and some of them I totally missed the date (ouch)..

So I think it will be wise to do a listing or a check list to remind me what I'm still havent finish and working on ^^;;.. the listing will be categorized.. from Snapfitted with planning description to WISP long overdue works with description and most recent build that I'm doing that near finishing.... the list will be the most near complete one till the most least complete one.... 

HGUC Jesta Custom
One of the WISP that long pending, its primed already now just waiting for masking and painting ^^;;

MG Kampfer Custom
Most of the parts are already primed, some parts need to be fixed still, since theres some parts need to be cemented after painting (like the thigh parts).. I think this kit will be long work for painting since it has much more parts than average HG.. hopefully will take less time after Jesta..

HG GN Archer Custom
Modding is still WISP, lots things to do still.. I have lost track what I need to do on her lol.. will be back on her soonish

another kit that WISP like ages.. seems that Modding took me a very long time to be done.. due to many reason lol... hope can get back to him and make some progress

HG AGE-1 Normal
Most parts already sanded, just need to be cemented and seam removal, probably also need minor mod for easier when painting..

HG AGE-2 Normal

Like AGE-1 Normal, cementing and seam removal is pending.. gotta have to look for minor mod too for easier painting... planning on color scheme is on the way.. probably doing Hybrid like Bawoo..

HG Zeydra
Snapfitted, cementing and seam removal pending, along with minor mod for easier painting..

HG Gundam 00 7S/G
 MG Exia Ignition Mode 
MG Quanta 
MG Unicorn OVA
Still in box lalalalalala

While theres lots gunpla to build.. I've been poisoned with other plamo lately.. Poisonous Zoid Plamo >_<;;; since the Original is kinda costy for me to buy one.. good thing that theres bootleg version that cheap enough so I buy bunch of them ... 5 kits.. literally...

HMM Gun Sniper (STK)
Still in snapfiting, so many parts for this tiny kit.. (smallest Zoids of all Zoids).. since its a bootleg many parts dont go well with each other (expected), mold problem (also expected since its their first release).. since its pretty cheap RM50 (Ori RM150ish) I dont really mind lol.. got some taste building a Zoid kit.. which is very new to me (very tedious too.. too many small parts) its not too hard but if you usually doing kits.. its a good one.. (the Zoids kits, not the Brand which is bootleg, Original is better imo)

HMM Command Wolf (STK)
HMM Liger Zero (STK)
HMM Lightning Saix (STK)
HMM Saber Tiger (BT Model)

Still in box lol.. dunno when will build.. I think when I need a break from gunpla then I may build them.. for now.. in box it goes and stacks lol

Thats it... I think I didnt miss some kits lol.. if I missed.. will be update later.. haha.. so lots work to do >_< and theres many gunpla release that poisonous.. havent got new gunpla lately.... maybe next post will be wishlist post on which gunpla I want? LOL



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