Saturday, November 10, 2012

Snapfitting Rage Day 3 [MG Kampfer]

Finally MG Build after 2 years since last build lol...

Next Snapfitting project is MG Kampfer, bought this guy about 3 years ago.. backloged it up untill now.. started since few days ago.. only manage to done arm parts.. took around 10 hours in total (in 3 session of builds) and of course complete with nub marks removal and surface smoothen..

Since this is old MG kit, released in 2001 which is long time ago.. I got old batch production maybe production of 2001~2004.. not sure.. the plastic is a bit hard... kinda fragile a bit near the runner flash parts.. theres alot of tension marks around the nubs area due to its an old kits.. many nubs need to clean lol.. I didnt get the new batch one, the one with clear parts campaign coz bought it before that..

More is coming in next few days, hope will finish this as planned lol



Whatever you say it is old kit , even HG has better color scheme . Still , i find this one interesting to build.

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