Monday, November 05, 2012

Snapfitting Rage Day 2 [HG AGE-2 Normal]

done snapfit, 5 more to go~....

Day 2 of Snapfitting Rage Worklog, may as well call Part 2 combined... Finally finish snapfitting HG AGE-2 Normal kit complete with nub marks removal and smoothen.. including sharpening the v-fin of this guy..

Took around 10 hours total time to finish from zero to finished OOB-ish build, combined with 4 session of worklogs timed as follows, Day 1 (part1) - 1 session about 4 hours, Day 2 (part2) - 3 sessions about 2 hours, 2 hours and 1 hours each session respectively..

As noted before Days are only count when theres Snapfitting is in commerce, combined session as to parts/days, and not means by the calendar days.. Its a bit weird but I decided to streamlined it a bit and make it short as possible, dont have to be detailed WIP progress, just act its a short report/worklogs for the project ^^

Some pictures that I take while building this kit :-

1st session, took about 2 hours to finish the legs part, nub marks cleaned ^^

 2nd session, another 2 hours to complete the the waist parts and the binders, a usual nub marks cleaned too

Took a close up shot, pretty nice kit I would say.. have quite a bit fun since Its kinda a while I havent build kits lol

Last session, with weapons and shields done snapfit, cleaned and also sharpened the v-fin ^^

Snapfitting for this HG AGE-2 Normal kit is now done, and just waiting for cements (with some minor joint mod) and painting, queued up with some other kits that also waiting LOL, hope after this Backlog Clearing Project, I can start doing painting soonish~

So what after this?

Originally I was going to start next with HG 00 Gundam 7S/G but.. since I have build 00 Gundam before I think I will skip this and put it at last one, and move to different grade kits that I think havent build since 2 years ago... yeap a Master Grade kit, last time I build is MG GN-X, and that was 2 years ago if I remember.

So, theres some MG that I havent build yet.. I think I'll start with my first Zeon kit...

MG MS-18E Kampfer~...Its been 3 years since I first bought it lol.. thats really long.. Its my first Zeon kit.. first monoeye kit, so yeah.. Next is this guy~ KAMPFER!!

Expect to see some more Snapfitting Rage post after this ^^, will do my best to clearing up backlogs~



Oh yes, one down and a few more to go, then you are free from the backlog's sharp stare. XD

haha, indeed
I should have this determination long long ago ~_~
then again, more piling soon >_<

Oho..... MG Kampfer... same age as my PG strike.... still unbuilt! LOLOLOLOL

lol just when i thought you might had burned out, this post appeared! looking forward to Kampfer next!

 lol, not yet~! must finish them all!, might took a bit longer than planned.. but still going on!
btw bro, since you not on FB now.. still online where? G+?
not really fond with twitter but might as well use it, gotta get some apps for that

 i'm running wild on twitter, as far as it goes for now. will revive on FB soon (next monday that is, when i finished with my last paper)

G+? what G+? XD

 LOL, wild on twitter eh.. haha.. I see.. then, I'll wait for you to pop up on FB then lol..

OH YOU >_<

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