Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Snapfitting Rage Day 1 [HG AGE-2 Normal]

[Gunpla Backlogs Clearing Project]...

Its been since August haven't update my blog lol, this mark another revival of my blog with a new project, which is I should have done sooner lol... the Gunpla Backlogs Clearing Project - Snapfitting Rage Day 1 HG AGE-2 Normal ..

This project is to clear up my unbuild gunpla that has been sitting/piling since forever! So I had to do this for me to buy more gunpla lol.. I have been keep my urge to buy new gunplas namely the new Gundam AGE HG kits and some other gundam kits due the number of backlogs that Ive been piling up, along with halted WIP progress ^^;;, so its time to clear some and make way for new one... To make this project quick, I'll be only doing Snapfitting with sanded nubs and smoothen the surface of the nubs areas.. further planning on modding/repaint will be decided later or execute later on.. I also made a simple road map for this project as below -

[Gunpla Backlogs Clearing Project Road Map]

Snapfitting Rage Day 1 & 2 - HG AGE-2 Normal
Snapfitting Rage Day 3 & 4 - HG Gundam 00 7S/G
Snapfitting Rage Day 5 ~ 9 - MG Kampfer
Snapfitting Rage Day 10 ~ 14 - MG Exia Ignition Mode
Snapfitting Rage Day 15 ~ 19 - MG Quanta
Snapfitting Rage Day 20 ~ 24 - MG Unicorn OVA

Note - Days are only count when theres Snapfitting is in commerce (example today 29th Oct [Day 1], 30th skip, 31th [Day 2]) Days also may can refer as Parts/Worklog

So for the first Day/Worklog is HG Gundam AGE-2 Normal that did half way last nightSnapfitting Rage Day 1 [HG AGE-2 Normal]

Started to build this guy at 8 PM (GMT+8), along with announcing the Snapfitting Rage Day 1 on my Facebook ^^
 After about 1 hour ish, done the chest part along with sanding nubs and smoothen the sufrace

And at 11 PM (GMT+8) Manage to done head and arm parts with the hands (not in picture) before I went to sleep and will continue today for Day 2 (Part 2)

Will update this project regularly on Facebook and also in this very blog that has been left out quite a while ^^;;..
I hope that will finish this project according to road map and finally can get new gunpla soon lol

Thats all for now, more will coming soon enough~


lolololol this is unexpectedly ambitious. go go go go! may you not get burned out in a sec haha

Wow... after how many epochs since you've updated your blog. lol
I must say the AGE-2 you're doing is pretty clean.

BTW, I can hear some cheering in the background...
Must be them backlog.

lolol.. I miss you there at FB...
quick to the chat room!!
(surprisingly its still alive lol)

hehe running away from the biggest distraction for a while hahaha

lol i actually went and check the chat room lolol go twitter lol

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