Saturday, August 04, 2012

WIP Straight Build SD Sinanju

Uber Delayed WIP Post lol.. ...

This post will cover my friend's SD Sinanju Work in Progress Straight Build, finished long time ago lol.. Just now I remember this was in draft like months and finally published >_<;;

SD Sinanju from Bandai, bought it back in March with price RM 36 from local hobby shop

Content of the box, manual, runners and abundant of foil stickers >_<

Completed the head, the assembling of the head is quite straight forward.. and it really look nice~

Chest part, theres some polycap for the backpack and shoulder joint, and the foil sticker is easy one lol

Arm parts, the back of the hand parts is molded in grey with the hand, need to attached foil sticker to follow the original design, whole arm is molded in red too.. if want more detail need to paint the pipe around the arm, but my friend just want straight build, so I just skip it ^^

Leg part, this time I remember to make before and after applied the foil sticker, whole part again molded in Red, theres no knee articulation what so ever.. since this is SD.. its given..

Completed with feet attached, the feet consist two red and black part which is nice... no need the foil sticker for black part ^^

Waist part, little sticker need to be applied :), also pipe molded in black, instead of grey or silver, but for a SD, its acceptable

Shoulder parts, most of the parts are 1 part molded along with the thruster

Done assembled lower body part ^^

Back thruster parts, the upper parts can move around I think lol, assembling the thruster to the base is kinda pita, a bit tight.. 

Weapon parts, Rifles, beam axe thing and yellow jelly beam saber :D

And lastly the shield, the shield is molded 1 part, the sticker kinda pita to assembled lots of in curve and used toothpick to push to make it stick ^^;;

now give him some action shot (altho its practially very little lol) :D

Comparison with HG 1/144 Sinanju :)

This SD kit is quite okay, really recommended to who wants really nice SD for their collection, altho theres less articulation than todays SD kits, its still pretty good SD and who dont want Sinanju... its an badass MS lol, my friend quite like this guy, he may buy more SD in the future, hes eyeing for 00 Gundam next :D

Thats all, Ja~!


The chibi and his bro, eh? =D
What is needed is the Unicorn SD to complete the scene (hopefully your friend is going to get that XD).

yeah.. he saw the Unicorn one.. he didnt like the white and also the transformation lol

 same here.. this one is my friend's one :3.. its really nice kit ^^

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