Thursday, July 12, 2012

Gift Saber Extra

~Bling Red Servant~

Its kinda late review, forgot to post this review like nearly 2 months lol.. got pretty busy and having a withdrawals on Guild Wars 2 >_<;; Onore Arena Net lol

Anyway... this is the review for 1/8 scale Saber Extra from Gift that released in May 2012.. as usual me bought this PVC from

Box View
The box design is pretty much similiar to the game design.. much blue watery background and boxy cut out for the window with is pretty neat :)

The Content
Not much for Saber Extra, the figure, small round mirror base and a fancy sword called Aestus Estus

Rotation Shots
some shots that I took for 360 rotation shots as usual.. Saber Extra is pretty nice PVC :)
 The Details
Saber Extra is very nice PVC, the scupture is very detail as usual, as expected from Principality of Kagutsuchino (Toda Satoshi).. the red is very vibrant and metalic-ish.. the sense of movement is very well translated.. I like the little details that has inserted on the dresses, a very well done figure.. I like!

This mark of a bit blog revival after near 2 months inactive lol.. Drafted this review already before in notepad but forgot to add to blogger lolz.. just remember this after I bought another Saber loot that will be reviewed ASAP.. along with a quite long due WIP of a certain chibi red guy.. anyways thanks for reading and visit my blog ^^



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