Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WIP One Piece Grand Ship Collection : Thousand Sunny Plamo

and quick review... my friend's first plamo ^^ ......

Decided to make a quick WIP post for my friend's first plastic kit, also for filling my blog that recently got quite silent lol.. he doesnt mind bout it haha.. so yeah.. the kit is from One Piece series.. Thousand Sunny ship plamo kit.. non scale small one..

Bandai has made a plamo series called Grand Ship Collection... they produces a small scale of One Piece ships plastic kits for those who can a small scale for display collection and stuffs... before Bandai did a non scale bigger ships plamo which is cost higher ala MG price around RM140ish.. now they making small scale giving collectors and plamo builders more choice.. with price around RM60 which is pretty nice.. so without further due... lets build this ship!

The box art.. pretty decent and nice artwork and designs~

Opened and you will see similiar stuffs like every gunplas that u got lol... Manuals, runner plates, and stickers/decals...

Front of the manual sheets.. forgot to take a pic inside >_<

 Runner Plate A - 4 color in one plate mostly for the deck area

You can see theres some very detailed mold.. I like~

 Runner Plate B - White plate, parts for the sail, side of the ships and the ship's fence

See again the detail is very much nice~

 Runner Plate C - Brown color, most of the ship's body parts

another more details goodness, altho the net is just one piece plastic and some details.. I guess its too thin to make it hollow ^^;;, still its very good one

 Runner Plate D - Blue clear parts, water effect and base and the cabin lamp I guess.. the plastic is a bit soft ^^

 And lastly the clear sticker decals and foil sticker sheet, theres a bunch of foil sticker but given the small scale and the price point.. I think its okay.. since the ship is colorful and if making all the color make the kit more expensive 

Building process
 Done the upper deck of the ship.. very easy to assemble, the details here is very impressive.. you can see tons of panel line you can paint here.. I didnt do it since my friend want it clean and well.. straight build lol (fast done lol)

 the Ship base is made from 2 big piece.. slaps the sticker and done.. more panel lines opportunities  kinda neat :3
connected the top and the base.. so far so good.. 

 done putting the back side of the ship.. notice that the sticker got a bit dot bulged there.. this because of under the sticker the detail also got so its good for those who repaint their ship ^^
 the side of the ship piece

 and slapped the stickers for colorfullness ^^

Put it together with the base it looks nicer~

And put the lower piece and put on top the blue clear base.. the lower piece can pull out and use the wave effect so that can make the ship is sailing scene ^^

 Skipped whole front parts while assembling and attaching sticker.. I must forgot to take it.. the front part is done.. the lion hair pieces color is red.. need to put orange sticker.. I which they make it orange parts ^^;; the front base also in wrong color, should be gold.. but its okay I guess.. The palm anchor(?) parts is PITA to put the sticker >_<;;.. same goes to nose haha

 Put the back cabin wall, fences and some trees ^^.. very nice 

 the Cabin part, the roof yellow stickers is somewhat repetitive to do, kinda PITA but it does make the effects, there's also got panel line, easy to guide to those who want to paint.. 

 Assembled it and its look pretty good... 

 another angle ^^

 Start building the back sail parts.. the flag need to put sticker and the red sail one.. need to put brown sticker too.. a bit PITA again haha

 done.. and its looking pretty solid :3

 Parts for the main tower of the main sail...

 done putting stickers.. and ready to be assembled :D

 Done assembling..
 and connect it to the ship's base.. along with the rope net there

The big sail parts.. now its the clear sticker decal time..

 took a bit time to put it.. make sure it center and stuffs .. looks pretty solid.. 

 And its DONE! with the sailing effect part~~... incoming more images lol

 I'm loving the mold detail Bandai's putting here.. very accurate to the actual artwork of the ship.. my friend very happy with this kit.. and I'm sure he'll be getting more One Piece Grand Ship kits in the future~

Here for the comparison the how small the kit is.. yeah.. pretty small.. XD.. most impressive that the details in this kit despite how small it is.. sasuga Bandai~

Conclusion, this kit is exceed my expectation with the amount of details that Bandai put in this very small scale kit.. a lot small parts to assemble which is usually very good.. worth the price getting this kit IMO... altho the sticker is a bit set back but with how small the kit is, its expected.. I cant wait to see more of this Grand Ship plamo line series ^^

Thats all for this very long WIP and Review(?) post of the Thousand Sunny plamo.. Next will be SD Sinanju WIP post for my other friend.. hehe.. mine will come after that later haha. (Backlogs - JIIIIII)



That is a small yet colourful ship. Wonder if a nendo able to fit in?...

Your backlogs stares impatiently...

 yeah.. very... LOL maybe XD

haha.. *sweats* >_<;;

Haha BD, don't think a nendo will fit...might capsize the ship :P 

Screw the  backlogs, time to start sailing mate!!! haha this is really a good kit. Never knew ships could be so fun to build ^^


ahoy! its really good kit.. having much fun when build this kit ^^

Thats kinda small, but the details hohoho. Still sticker hell though XD

 yeah.. pretty small, impressive details ^^.. haha. yeah.. sticker hell >_<;;

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