Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Get or not to get~ Mayoi Tsukinari-san

 Clayz 1/6 Saber Extra......

Will be released in Dec 2011... price tag 9,800 yen

Or should I wait for this....

Gift 1/8 Saber Extra!! waiting her to be PVC'ed >_<


Oh yeah.. Saber Lily review will come later on.. I found something and currently experimenting with her =D..
and Saber-san first WIP will come.. eventually :P

Where did I get that thumbnail image? from this awesome wallpaper~~

 Sabers no chikara!!



why not get it..?? since ur a saber Fanatic XD wouldn't be Tsukinari if u didn't buy a Saber XD

lol.. altho the figure is big 1/6.. close up the figure is just decent figure.. and its from Clayz.. decent figure company.. I think Gift are better than them ^^;; I dunno.. uguuu

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