Friday, July 01, 2011

Late June Loots

More Sabers~~~ lol......

Finally picked up yesterday at post office ^^;;.. Turns out that they already tried to send to my home.. but theres no one, probably my brother went out eat or something.. they did left the pickup card.. but I think my brother didnt noticed it ..
The loots comes with 2 separate packages.. 1 is the Saber Lily PVC and the other one is Saber-san plamo with another item that belongs to Nazree Anuar a.k.a BD77

As usual Mr.Guardy is guarding the loots lol.. 

Will do the Saber Lily PVC reviews in separate post since I'm linking it to the Tabs up there.. better this way than mixed with other stuffs ^^

Not sure if I'll just jump the wagon and build Saber-san or just wait till 2 or 3 backlogs done (HG GN-XIII Custom and MG GN-X Custom) then builds Saber-san.. need to decided on that ^^;;

The other loot is belong to Nazree Anuar.. I helped him to get this Mameshiki Cirno from Touhou by Liquid Stone a division under Amiami and I think its an limited item (?).. will send to him this Sunday ^^

Thats all for now.. more post coming..



saber-san~~~~~ didn't know it was released already >.<

its saber Season for Tsukinari XD. maybe u should have the WHOLE COLLECTIONS of sabers... and i mean Wallpapers, Decals, laptop skins, Car Decals, carpet, Bedsheets,Blanket and pillow XD LOL

lol yeah.. 3 months on the row >_<;;;;

LOLOL thats extreme O_o

well yeah, that mameshiki is sorta limited, even for such mass-released one. there are some other mameshiki that are for event release, which is a garage kit. they give you bunch of resins and joints, and you do the drilling. soon, soon, soon,.....ehehehheeh

I shall be waiting for her warmly. =D

Also... *salutes to ZD*All the best.


Your saber collection seems to be growing lately.

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