Friday, March 11, 2011

First Commision Project - KIMETA!

After a while blog silence ^^;.......
Tsuki's Gunpla Comission Project - Kimeta!!!
Model Kit - Bandai HGUC ReZEL
Client - Me (lol)
Builder/Mod-er - Ariff Rumy Azmi
Time Limit - No Limit!! Take your time! :D
Criteria for the build - Anything, just make it awesome! (lol)

ZD, Pls PM me ur address so that I can ninja post the kit to you :P...

I might do another Comission selection..
gotta see which kit I havent touch yet..
right now I'm limit to High Grade first (lol)
Will do poll on the selection soon...
Ijou da!..



an honor for me to do this kit :D

btw, got my email?

How was your plamo breaks? I remember reading that you opened a shop(?), is that why you took a long break?

on hold or hiatus >_<;;... yeah Cyber Cafe.. everyday is kinda pretty bz managing it.. day work.. and night manage CC... ^^;;

I got the commander type but I honestly prefer this one though hehe

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