Tuesday, January 18, 2011

HGUC Sinanju Custom WISP 03

Shortest WISP post ever! lol.....

Just a quick post on whats happening with Sinanju Custom right now... I manage to do quick priming with the armors, altho I had time like.. less than 2 hours to do last night (from 1am till 2am LOL)..

As u can see above.. I only primed a lil bit since I'll be painting red-purple ish color so I'll just do thin priming..
Theres so many parts to prime it used more than 1 bottle (15ml) of thinned surfacer 1200 ^^;; the images shown is half of the parts that still drying outside :D

I tested the color on 1 of the parts see how it goes.. can u spot in the pic? in the pics the color didnt show much than in real life... which is a lot darker and much better like what I want ^^

Today will continue painting till finished! ore gambare!!

thats all for now lol.. 



its pink coz I applied only thin primer/surfacer.. I'm not doing multi coating the primer/surfacer since I was going to paint red-purple ish color anyways.. the actual color in real life is more darker and whiter than pinkish in the pic ^^;;

So you aren't actually trying for a pink Sinanju like chubbs right? HEHE.....

nope lol... My sinanju color will be almost the same like the Neo Zeon Logo in this post ^^;;...

Lol for a moment I thought its pink like mine haha!

it looks pale purple, next time might need to shop the image to actual color ^^

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