Monday, February 07, 2011


*-,* drools.......

Woke up this morning and saw all these stuffs *_*... Wonder Festival Winter 2011 upcoming 'wallet killer' stuffs >_<;;;.. Theres so much stuffs coming up ^^;;.. but these is I'm eyeing on huhuhu....

Finally In COLOR!! and she looks superb cute *drools~~~~~*
Kotobukiya Fate/Stay Night Saber Plamo

OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! My wish haz come true!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOT!
Kotobukiya Rockman Zero

Damn... this is awesome!!! love the finishing!
Revoltech Yamaguchi Zone of Enders Jehuty

Another awesome stuff from Kaiyodo! *salutes* *drools~~~* WOOT
Revoltech Yamaguchi Luv Muv Alternative - Takemikazuchi

Theres more new stuffs showed at Wonfes 2011 like new Drossel, some Kotobukiya Zoids, Alter KOS-MOS action figure, tons of delicious figures and more.. but these above is MUST GET for me XD

oh and recently I just got myself this

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro
and its awesome~ XD



Heh. Looks like Kotobukiya's Hoihoi-san frame had paid off.
Kotobukiya: Now Printing - Saber-san.

Wonfes is a killer to many people's wallet. XD

ZERO!!!!!!!!!!! HELL YES!
Can't wait for it!!!!!!!

Nice phone, but it is a bit too small for me lol. It's smaller than N97 mini O_o. I have big hands...

Thanks, this phone just fit nicely in my hands which is I very like it.. ^^

zero rockman zero ver is a must get!
ZX is also nice, I think sooner or later they will have it on sale

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