Saturday, November 06, 2010

Codename : Quanta X4 System

nope... its not a gundam :D......

Its been a while since I post new blog post :D... Been bz with new shop and stuffs... still yet not related to gundam/gunplas post haha.. just my extra post to fill up the blog :D

Ive been using this guy for a while.. bought it a month ago.. build it and start running few days later.. Its a beast machine...

Codenamed 'Quanta X4'! :P, Powered by AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition @ 3.2Ghz, OCZ Gold Edition 4GB DDR3 1333Mhz, and Asus GTX460 Direct CU TOP 1GB DDR5.. XD..

My last one is 'Exia Zero' which powered by Intel Pentium Dual Core E5200 2.5Ghz, 2GB DDR2 800 and Asus GTX460 Direct CU TOP 1GB DDR5

Before that is 'Avalanche Exia' which got same spec like Exia Zero but using Palit GTS250 512MB DDR3 instead :D

Enough talking... its pic spam time!!


Quanta X4 performs it!! the only problem that I have right now is my current main / windows hdd is dying.. >_<;;... I've booked new HDD which next week will arrived.. 1TB Western Digital Green Caviar 64mb cache...hehehe

Thats all for now... I suppose to post this like few weeks ago.. but keep forgetting it lolz... and like I said last post.. there will be 1 more post ... unrelated to gunpla or figures.. and another after that... a bit related to gunplas :D...

Ja! sleep time! XD


That is one extremely nice spec'ed pc, but seriously, 1GB? If its WinXP, should be fine, with Win7, still ok -ish but Win Vista, *shrugs*.

I have a feeling that I also need to change my current PC's spec/parts (namely the CPU (will go AMD with this), board, RAM, power supply and... graphics' card).

damn that is one sexy and fierce beast! and awesome giving code names to yout machines :D then would external HDDs be like OO raisers or something? lol :P

i may need a new HDD also, but i never enjoyed doing fresh install and loading back all programs and such ^^;

thanks... which 1GB u mean? the ram? coz the ram is 4GB >_<.. the 1GB is for the graphic card which is plenty already :D..

Go go go... at first I have some doubts moving from Intel to AMD.. but now I'm very pleased with it XD

Thanks ^^, actually all my partitions got Gundam 00 MS name :D.. from C: to J: XD

Same here.. my current windows is corrupted due the hdd dying.. and its beyond repair/re-install now.. Windows Update broken, USB cannot detect.., Windows Installer crash.. I can still use the Windows tho.. but only downloading, surfing and gaming >_<..

I am actually quite clueless about the specs and stuff like that.. But even I can see that this stuff's impressive!

Wait so your computer can do trans am lol!!!!

Thought for a moment its a new project of yours. But seriously I am clueless as to what you are doing here but it sounds damn cool nonetheless!

lol... trans am >_<

hehe.. I'm still kinda bz handling the new shop... but when I have some free time I play games instead <_<...

Its okay, I'm a computer geek to begin with before jumped into gunpla world lol

4 GN Drives! Quad Drive System hadou! XD
Nice, I'm pretty envious now though. Must get another 2GB stick of RAM! D:

man... looking at your Qanta reminds me of my dying PC (almost 4 years old). And 4GB DDR3 RAM is some lovely cool stuff.


thanks, altho I got 4GB but cannot use full since im using 32bit of Windows 7.. >_<... when new hdd arrive might using 64bit version hm....

4 years old!.. next year is the right year to upgrade :D.. yes it is.. but 32bit only can use till 3.2GB >_<;;

Ohs, thought you moved to 64bit already. I did when I had to get a new HDD since that darn Seagate HDD decided to brick (luckily nothing really important was inside). =.=
Now waiting for the RAM prices to drop again to get a chance to feel some 4GB worth of RAM! :D
Anyyay, you should move to 64bit, quite stable from what I've heard and tried myself plus the fact that almost all computers come preloaded with it lately.

yeah.. definitely going 64bit... after new hdd arrive tomorrow going to install it XD.. I too heard its stable :D

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