Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Member in da house

bringing the power of darkness XD.....

Arrived few days ago.. but my camera's battery dead... orz... bought at Hobby Search... 11 days shipment with Unregistered SAL which is normal XD got her about 2,266 yen.. The quality is okay for mass production figures... in fact she is my first figma figures XD... altho theres a bunch not very smooth finishing here and there.. but I'm okay with it ^^..

Picture time :D

Of course.. It not only Dark Saber figma that I bought.. I also bought other stuff... save shipping cost more :D

Its Kotobukiya Mechanical Base 3!! thanks to BD for poisoning this lol... I bought it 2 and more will coming ^^ each is about 480yen which is pretty good price... the base is really tough.. very durable and strong... XD

Tested with MG Wing Gundam with his big rifle (lol)... at first really hard to put it.. since the connector/handle? kinda weird.. lol... but I managed to get it done... XD

Thats all for now... There will be 2 more new post with pic spam soon... all unrelated to gunpla or figures :P nyehehe



Finally she came. =D

See, what did I tell ya about them stands, good, eh? =D
Be it figma, Revoltechs or gunplas, they can hold.

Wow...it can hold that Wing MG like that!! That stand is awesome!!

Haha congrats on the new Saber :P But still I prefer the normal one haha...just don't like to see her ebil side ^^;


its awesome!! XD

yeap.. I tried on Figma Dark Saber, hold her flawlessly XD

I too cant believe it can hold like that.. I tried to shake.. no budge, still hold pretty strong XD

thanks ^^ I kinda like all Saber version, Normal Saber, Dark Saber, Saber Extra, Saber Zero and Saber Lily XD

ohhh Dark Saber's armor design is....

great for references ;D

the design is quite good... really sharp and pointy :P

Hmm... how about puttting a MG Sazabi or something similar in mass on that stand... LOL

No, those stacks of graphic card boxes! Why must you show them?! Lol.

Finally, your Dark Saber arrived safely. Looks like BD's poison starts with Tsuki... who'll be next I wonder...

lol... its cheap graphic card anyways :P

yes and she standing/posing next to her big Saber XD... that stand rocks!!!!

remember tsuki, all start with the first buy...... XD
koto base looks nice, I'll go and check it out when I head down to hobby shop.

do that means .. I'm getting more figmas!!?? lol

yeap. it worth getting XD

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