Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Red Comet Group Build

ZD's HGUC Sinanju Group Build....

A bit late for this post actually... I decided to take part of this group build, I've been lacking gunplaing these days and this kind of event really good and might spark again gunpla spirit in me... Zoidiect is the mastermind for this Group Build.. he announced and declared the Sinanju Group Build sometimes while ago and some of the participants already started their builds since 6 Nov... like Chubbybots and BD77.. for further info and stuffs can go to ZD's blog here -

I got this guy 2 days ago... slowly snap fitting him and only manage to get till the torso and the head ^^;;

Just a snapfitting pic..

I planning to do some mod to make my painting easier and most of them I use Chubbybots method, going to paint it with different color scheme.. I'm not sure yet if I'm going to add some details or not.. time will tell XD

Snapfitting this kit is really fun.. theres so much parts for a HGUC.. kinda expected it since this guy is quite beast ^^.. theres some nasty seamlines I see so far.. yep the rear head... Chubby got this work around and it works so good... really nice.. I tried to think other way to mod it .. but came up blank ^^;;...

expect the first WIP in the next couple of days :D, I'm thinking going to do less WIP pages so you guys dont have to read/see all those number of WIP and stuffs ^^

I really need new rechargeable batteries ... orz

hope will not bz for next few days...



Finally, you started (and posted something, too). See the shoulder armour parts, you might notice on one there's going to be an annoying thing there. (hint: joining the part to the tree).

Wonder what colour scheme you'll be giving him?...

Also, less WIP and more end product post. >D
You'd be more focused that way.

Hehehe, can't wait to see what you will do with it! Turn on the Full Frontal soundtrack when building it!

finally....we got to see a gunpla photo here! XDDD

this guy is a beast, great kit and event to get the fire burning again ^^

less wip sounds good, i did lots of unnecessary wips with my rx78... testing ideas and scraping them over n over. you are more organized in your builds so that shouldnt be a problem!

tsuki joined the kick!
2 days and you managed to snapfit that, it's quite fast.

Yeahh.. haha.. ah that nasty seams on the shoulder >_<;;

hm... maybe darker red or something different :D

true... I'm half away building the kit ^^

beast indeed, hehe...

yeah.. my last wips on those HG also dragging around ^^;;... thanks... I'm sure still got ways to improve ^^

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