Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Sudden After Raya Loot~~

Ninja Get!

This is very unexpected loot for me lolz... Had seen some of reviews over the internet and droolling on the pics each time seeing pics on the net.. It took a while it to comes into my area... but today I just stumble upon it and without further due.. ninja get it!! XD...

Yeap.. this is my new smartphone!.. Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro!!

This new baby is Awesome! much more better than its big brother X10 Mini Pro.. powered by 1Ghz processor with bigger internal memory and much more higher  resolution with bigger screen...
I just love it XD..

 I forgot to take pic for comparison between this Xperia Mini Pro and old Xperia X10 Mini Pro. I sold the old one to my close friend to cover up the cost of this phone.. granted only payed half of the price XD..

I think I cant sleep tonight LOL...

Thats all for now

Ja!! Uchuu Kitaaaaaa!!!!!


Owh, successor of your current phone :D I went to my friend's shop and did hands-on on many new phones, HTC, Samsung, Sony... I get to use any phone i want there in his shop lol. The evr-popular Galaxy S2 is awesome, but that phone felt like some cheap plastic toy. ==; Sony and Nokia's build quality is better. 

I will only buy a new phone if Nokia maybe roll out a 14 or 16 Megapixel camera smartphone to succeed my N8 lol (I heard it is very soon). What OS doesnt matter to me, because im not an app-freak of mobile gaming addict type of person XD.

This phone how much? Shouldnt be very expensive i assume.

So that's what you got! I was thinking of a phone, somewhat, after you gave me that hint last night interestingly (but felt it was too much of a sudden loot to be... although lo and behold).

Good get there! Soes, what's gonna happen to ze your previous phone now?

yeah around that.. I bought it RM675.. minus my friend bought my old one RM350.. only pay half RM325 ^^

hehe.. Eyeing this phone like months lol.. XD
my old X10 Mini Pro sold to my close friend.. and using that money and added half to buy new one ^^

Yeap.. theres so many new smartphone but Mini Pro got my attention... being small form with reasonable screen and packed with awesome powerhouse, It really worth it ^^

hehe I know what you mean XD

I bought it around RM675

Nice android phone u have there.

Having fun with phone? remember to install mobile players and manga reader so u can surf web and watch anime on phone :D

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