Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tsukinari Designs - Updates~

New Design and First Anime Tshirt Sneak Peak.....

Its been a while since my last post entry lol.. got a bit busy plus lazy and stuffs.. yes I'm still building gunpla.. but in a very slow pace... ^^;;.. Recently been working on my new Tshirt project which is starts pretty good.. got nice responds and alot my friends support it ^^ Thanks guys.. some new design was on and pretty much sold out on first batch lol... will list new design currently on pre-order and new design for next shirt ^^

Theres a poll that I made while ago for the First Anime Character Tshirt.. alot has voted and I thank you all for that... most ppl vote for Gundam which is what I've already done.. since this vote is for Anime Character I had to void the count for it.. Surprisingly 2nd after Gundam, was Vocaloid.. which is I didnt expect.. I was expect Naruto or Bleach XD.... Vocaloid is next Anime Design Tshirt is decided~... I have done a sneak peak for it and hope you guys like it ^^

Here is recent new Gundam Design Tshirt ^^

TUC-03 Unicorn X Destroy Tshirt

TUC-04 Principality of Zeon Tshirt
 1st Batch currently in production

TUC-04 MSN-06S Tshirt
 Pre-Order (Last this Saturday - 18 August 2011)

Sneak peak of new Gundam Design

Anaheim Electronics

Sneak peak of first Anime Design, did some design~

Vocaloid 01 - Hatsune Miku

Append Hatsune Miku

These design is still work in progress.. hope you guys like it~

More Design coming~ Sinanju, Gundam 00 Series, Gundam Wing series and more~

Do visit my Tsukinari Design facebook page for more updates and info on the tshirt ^^



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