Monday, June 20, 2011

Two Years After...

To Aru Shumi no Tsukinari hits year 2 and counting.. =D

Like any other blog anniversary, obligatory anniversary blog post!! lol. Its been 2 years since I start blogging.. So these 2 years I've came across many things... learning more stuffs...meeting more awesome guys..familiarize with facebook and poisoned like never before lolz... Its been a fun and orzing at the same time haha

also this changed alot from this...

to this

aand... from more backlogs.. to TONS backlogs... lolz..

don't forget from Saber.. to Saberzzzzzz lol

Anyway.. lets do some blog analysis...

As I type this post the current Pageviews/Hits is 76,891 since June 2010.. note that Blogger starts the Stats application in June 2010 so theres no data before that date and since my blog started a year before the Blogger's Stats appear.. my Hits should be a bit higher than this ^^

 The most post that generates hits overall is MG 00 Quanta post at 4,840 hits theres no surprise here since Quanta is famous lol... behind it folowing the Full Saber post.. again.. no surprise here and Full Saber set is awesome~

This kinda quite unexpected ... the most URL hits are come from Busterbeam website... Thanks man XD.. folowing below is from Altho I no longer going there.. I guess my login still alive then ^^;;... Zoidiect comes at 3rd.. not to mention Khaidir Semail, Chubby and along with Z .. Thanks guys :D

 Like always... google are at the top with whooping hits 12,137.. since its a search engine site.. it was expected ^^... and theres bunch more google sub there lol

MG 00 Quanta comes first for the search hits with 798.. this sure shows thats ppl love quanta lol.. nothing weird been searched here.. hehe safe~~

US and Malaysia is the top 2 for viewers hits with 18,431 and 12,685 respectively.. which is my expectation to who visit my blog ^^...

with that said.. Thanks alot to you guys for visiting my blog and all many things for these past 2 years.. I hope that you guys continue to support and lets just have fun blogging! and gunpla-figure-ing forever lol.. Very appreciate it alot XD

So.. what the planning next?

More Sabers!!! lolol

Hopefully getting back to my hiatus backlogs after finishing HG GN-X custom.. Plaplating on GN-X is coming to end soon.. will post after it done.. Then..the long awaited 'Reboot' project XD
More shelf for my Sabers (!).. Airbrush space... etc..

Thats all I guess for now..



Congrats on your 2nd year, mate. =D

Tonnes of backlogs indeed. XD
Backlogs: ONORE~!

A reboot? What could that be?

Congratz with the 2nd year !

Now, I shall see if bro manage to get a hold of Figma Saber Extra....fufufufu ~

2nd year already huh? Time flies~
And your collection has grown. ALOT hehe....

wow congratz for ur 2nd year XD i think mine juz passed 1yr made mine on Feb2010 

Thanks ^^

hahah.. *rolls*

yeap.. reboot.. gotta make blog post about it soon ^^

Thanks ^^

Since its an exclusive with PSP game.. not sure I will manage to get it or not.. uguu >_<

yeah.. Time sure flies fast ^^;;
hehe.. Backlogs grown too lolz

Thanks ^^...
hehe.. sure later on ur blog will be popular nyehehe

Congrats on ur 2 yr anniversary! Been a pleasure reading your blog! XD

congrats on hitting the 2nd year of blogging :D mine had passed already XD

Congratz on your 2nd year anniversary! Mine has been up longer than that but I ish too lazy to pinpoint its exact date of birth already. :P

Congratz man, and I know what you mean on the back logs lol.

love the GLass casing and the headphones ;D.. i really need one or 2 Glass casing ><"

in the first pic? thats old pic one lol.. dont have that glass *aquarium* now.. dunno where it went lolz.. and I changed to new headphone now much more bigger and better XD

Thanks :D... hehe.. gonna finish them before getting more gunplas uguu


may your blog live long and prosper :D

Im kinda irritated on the fact i have no data for the complete first year of my blog,  from 2009 May -2010 May. My initial traffic was poor and only picked up and increased tremendously since March this year, due to some minor changes i made to my blog.

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