Thursday, June 23, 2011

MG 00 Gundam Seven Sword / Gun

Finally announced! Release Sep 2011 at 5,500 yen

Just a quick post XD

Yeap.. I knew eventually Bandai will release 00 Gundam's variation.. but didnt expect it to be so soon.. to be released 4 months after MG 00 Raiser released.. I was about planning to buy MG 00 Raiser like in the next 2 months.. but since Bandai is getting out the Seven Sword variation.. I think gonna hold until Seven Sword released then I Might gonna buy both MG 00 Raiser and Seven Sword lol.. and doing quad build with Exia and Quanta ... this is going to be crazy LOL..

Looking at the pic here.. It should included the GN Sword II Blaster since the code name is 00 Gundam 7S/G.. all the Seven Sword weapons is in the pic except the GN Sword II Blaster.. Maybe they forgot to put it there. or still in development.. I dunno lol.. I guess they didnt print out the 3D sample yet...

About the kit it self... first impression is just BADASS... the GN Buster Sword II that mounted on the GN-Drive is just perfect.. the length of the sword is good and can support from side heavy since the weight of the Buster Sword .. The Katar can either mount on the knee or on the GN-Drive which is add the versatile to the kit :D

The sample didnt have color yet altho I thought the 00 Gundam should be in color since its already released.. but I think Bandai wants to show us just grey.. teasing us lolz..

With the price a bit cheaper than 00 Raiser, 1,000 yen cheaper making this kit 5,500 yen.. I think its reasonable.. and I think this will be include the led also.. maybe 2 of them? I dunno, we have to wait and see then..


New scans from magazine on MG 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G with GN Sword II Blaster shown...and I must say.. BADASS.. with GN Sword II Blaster, Seven Sword look more complete and balanced ^^.. it also can be mounted on the GN Drive which is another plus for this kit..

Also in the second pic we can see all the weapon sorted... The GN Katar will get an attachment parts for mount on the GN-Drive.. and looking at the Buster Sword.. I think there will be LED unit in there since theres clear parts when the Buster Sword opened so I guess MG 00 Gundam Seven Sword will have at least 4 LED location, Head, GN-Drives and the Buster Sword... not sure about the Buster Sword part.. but I think it has one..

Lastly.. DAT EPIC POSE!!.. I wonder it doesnt supported by stand seems I dont see any stand on the Buster Sword.. if this pose can be done without the stand.. this gonna be one epic MG kit XD

Other than that.. Bandai also announced SD 00 Gundam Seven Sword.. to be release also Sep 2011 with price 800 yen... Good stuff there..

So whats you guys opinion? pls comment :D


LOL everybody is posting this. 5500yen is quite cheap.

HA~! I knew it~!
It's just a matter of time that Bandai be doing this. After all, they are  the masters of mil... I mean variation creations. ;)

Going to get both MGs? That is ambitious...

LOL yeah.. its like virus spreading lolol

hehe.. LOL 'the master of mil.. i mean variation' LOL

well.. since I 'can' get Sabers which is double price of these 2 MG.. why not :P

D00d, backlogs~! 

Backlogs in boxes: ONORE~!

It's probably like Epyon, where they didn't show it's beam sword until later. Instant pass on the 00 Raiser, but I want the GN Sword III for the 00 Seven Sword!

wow, surely this announcement had put everyone into sparking hype. IMO, that looks good, as how people lean more towards 007 rather than 00R. then again, MGs give me less interest, so yeah XD more reluctant towards SDs and HGs

quad build? i'd love to see you keeping up your words >D

yeah it does lolol.. so you getting SD 00 7S/G then? >D

I hope I can do it.. altho its going to be much slower progress since covering 4 kits at the same time.. higher than WISP.. WIVSP.. 'Works In Very Slow Progress' lol

fark i just completed the 1/144 00 gundam seven sword!! now they come out with this... i want this so badly!!

haha this mg is nice but I am happy with the 1/144 scale already :P

lol.. I havent touched my HG 1/144 Seven Sword yet hahaha

hehe.. I agreed, but some are thirsty on MGs ..HG is not enuf for them :P

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