Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Get or not to get?!

 My shield has been shaken~~~

Stumble upon this when checking my order at Amiami, I missed the first release now they re-release it again!! original release was 2008 when I was still in University.. been looking it for a while including thinking buying the GK kit.. but now after seeing this, its screaming 'BUY ME' at me lol..

This Dark Saber is from Movic which is a decent figure company.. pretty okay quality with good price.. Scaled at 1/8 approx 20cm tall.. the face is just freaking awesome.. DAT STARE!! lol Will be re-release in May 2011 with the price tag 7,429 Yen which is pretty nice price (Amiami sure more cheaper with their awesome discount XD)

so Get or not to Get...

oh btw.. with this Dark Saber re-release, Gift also going to release another Fate/Stay Night figure which is Dark Sakura Mutou 'Makiri's Grail' that goes perfectly with this Dark Saber.. I'm not a fan of Sakura thou and the price is not cheap lol

Its been a while since last post... muehehe.. so whats the status on Sinanju?...... Moar Sanding after some cement and stuff.. after this ready to paint (joints), Modding in progress etc etc.. yeah I'm slow, pls bear with it.. the WIP will appear when its ready :D, Im thinking less than 5 WIPs but the timeframe will be far tho

Some of out participant already near complete like Evaritus Lau, Rockleelotus with his awesome mod.. and some others that I might miss :D.. Lets hope that I finish in time haha..


Images source - Amiami


I dunno... her mouth looks... like Will Smith doing a "DAT A$$" meme on the Internet... IMO.

hmmm yeah, i agree that this Saber Alter looks nice.. but Sakura's head seems slightly out of proportions. Have you seen GSC's Saber Alter? maybe you can give it a tot too.. XD

Well yeah coz its from different company (Dark Saber from Movic and Sakura from Gift) maybe in different Scale too.. I'm not sure..

Yes, saw her, infact already Pre-order it right after it has been announced at Amiami XD cant wait till April 2011 ^^

this dark saber looks seriously amazing! her face is scary but i think thats the point to intimidate lol she looks bad ass with the mask on and the sculpt is very nice. she has a dominating presence!

hehe.. yeah she looks so 'badass' with the mask on XD..

I love it alot.. and Pre-order it already ^^..

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