Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Tsukinari Design - Update and New Product

Finally can do black tshirt and new vinyl products...

Hi, Its been a while since I post some updates on Tsukinari Design, a tshirt division from my facebook page (LINK).. stuffs is doing pretty okay.. albeit a bit slow since most customer doing request ^^.. lack of colored tshirt is also concern since I dont have the right machine to do colored tshirt yet.. but with recent updates now its different ^^

Recently I bought a critical item for doing heat press tshirt on black tshirt.. Silhouette Cameo - Electronic Cutter Machine.. and started to accepts order for black/colored tshirt along with that 3 of the new designs that I did specially for new heat press tshirt products.. Vinyl Heat Press Tshirt.. vinyl is a bit different than the print heat press.. instead of you print design and heat press it.. vinyl is more to cut and heat press.. using special material made from PU (polyurethane) which is thin, very durable, easy weed process, and comes with many effects.. it can be cutted for designs, texts and so on.. apart from PU Vinyl heat press transfer.. the machine also can cut normal sticker for cars, signage, small sticker for gadgets, and more and this will be nice side product that I can make available for you guys..

This will get me a bit pretty busy and hope wont hinder any my gunpla WIPs lol.. and for next mileage for this project will be bigger printer for full color print heat press.. will be eyeing for A3 Pigment Inkjet printer for bigger design output... It will be costy but I will try my best saving and buy one ^^

Thats all for now.. dont forget visit my page and check out some of nice my custom Gundam/Anime designs tshirt ^^



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