Thursday, September 24, 2009

Raya Supprise! XD

Today I went out with my friend, went Raya to my other friend's house ^^, after back to home, I found this on my computer table D:


At first I thought it was my MG Exia IGM but.. its kinda small.. so I open it...



Look how thick the book is :D
My first time buying Hobby Megazine,
before I just downloading scans and stuffs ^^;;

I got 2 XN Raiser and 1 Hobby Japan 10 ^^ All thanks to my friend 'justpassingby' for getting this to me, thanks bro. The Hobby Japan + XN Raiser is somewhere around RM70++(USD20ish), not sure how much I have to pay to Justpassingby XD, maybe ill pay a bit more plus some 'Duit Raya' XD.

I kinda supprise that he still give me another one (without the book of course), he said that theres a shop that selling XN Raiser separate than the book, its arround RM 30++(USD 8ish) forgot the name of the shop tho.. ill ask him later lol.

On the side note.. Ive tested my airbrush with the compressor.. All I can say is.. pretty decent.. here some of my tiny WIP of HG 00 Raiser DC ^^;;


AB-ed the grey part of the leg and feet.. i think the color a bit lighter than the DC's color.. hm.. what do u guys think?


my first experience ABing kits.. haha.. see that some lousy masking skillz lol

Ill get into XN Raiser after im done with HG 00 Raiser DC ^^;;

Untill next post~

Jya ne~

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Finally its HERE!! and some WIP update ^^;;

Its been a while lol, near 3 weeks since last post haha..

YES!! FINALLY ITS HERE!!! no.. unfortunately its not my MG Exia lol.. Its my new Air Brush!!

Middle click mouse wheel to view larger image in new tab

Well... its not some expensive one tho.. the price is like average 1/100 NG Gunpla :D, still I think this one is nice piece of stuff ^^

The brand is Motool - some china brand ^^;; Model HD-130 0.3mm

Some pic -



*Ouoh Mabushi desu!*

also some other stuff I bought along with the airbrush

Surfacer 500/1200, Lacquer thinner and some paints :D

Gonna test it soon.. bout the compressor.. I better not tell.... if I tell.. u guys going laugh at me lol

Since ive gotten back my camera from my dad's friend... WIP HG 00 Raiser DC tiny updates ^^;;

I handbrushed the clear parts with clear green (kinda) from gaianotes lacquer paint,

I like the result! :D

its not really clear green tho.. the paint said Primary Color Green hm.. my supplier(seller) run out of stock on Tamiya Acrylic Clear color.. so i get this one instead.. its kinda clear color, but I have to add a lil bit more thinner ^^;;


Oh crap.. looks like i missed to color the GN Condenser at the head XD

Ive done build overall 00 Gundam except for his weapons and 0 raiser, will do it later I guess, some painting still havent done. Not going to have some pose untill i finish build the blades and stuffs

got suggestion either should I paint the parts with airbrush or just handbrush? I dunno.. lol still thinking :P

My MG Exia will arrive at my door after Raya unfortunately lol, this weekend going to bz with Raya preparation and stuffs, so Im going to be away for a moment..

Oh.. before I forgot.. going to take this opportunities to say 'Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri' to fellow Muslims all over the world ^^

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Sayonara Streamyx, Yokoso! P1 Wimax!

Ossu! Its been a while since last post ^^;;

Alot happened these past few weeks,

first... my paints shipping got some delay, so I guess will got it early this month (September)

Second... A lil bit progress on my HG 00 Raiser DC, will post WIP soon enough

Third... the Nightmare ~_~ my Streamyx refuse to make connection!
I dunno whats the problem, called their customer service, they said my modem problem, but I changed it 3 times... with 3 different modem/brand! still the same -_-, it just wont connect.. I suspect the line.. but they said the line just fine.. I ask them to come and check.. but now they still not coming! ARRGGH!!.. I feel like ***** =_=, its been a week I dont have internet.. and I have fedup with it...

Today.. i go to Giant.. go to this computer outlet.... sign up P1 Wimax... go back to home.. plug in the modem.. wait 1 hour.. turn on... connect lan to my pc.. and WALLA! INTERNET!!!

So yeah.. now I'm officialy free from Streamyx after about 8 years subscribing ^^;;
this new internet.. im loving it so far.. sharing with like 5 other PC, still got stable connection ^^..
I pick Office Standard package... with unlimited Fair Usage Policy.. you now... Im kinda download guy lol *cough* anime *cough*

Anyway... I'm off for now since its midnight... tomorow work ^^;;; so see u guys in my next post ^^

Jya ne